Podcast I Like For Myself

Podcast Time!

Its been a while that I've planned to have my own podcast for #notabisnes. Already have some design for it and already discussed with Bukhari Rami for it.

I do not know why it does not start yet. Blame the cosmic karma maybe.

Thus, here just some of the notes to make sure when I revisit this podcast idea again I have everything figured out and can start doing it immediately.

The podcast plan has parts that needed to be laid down first as its foundation. The parts are:

  1. Format
  2. Content
  3. Call to action
  4. Channel

Most of the format that we can see people choose for their podcast was interviews. This is good as interviews will bring external audience and new content to the podcast. This will grow audience based and also keep the content fresh.

So far, I like HBR Ideacast and Neil Patel Marketing Podcast format of interviews. Even if no interview, we can still make it works as long as the content is interesting and structured for bite-sized consumption.

Neil Patel podcast is around 7-9 minutes long. HBR is around 20 minutes long. That would be the range then.

Next is content. As the podcast is about #notabisnes, then the content will be about business too. Will revisit all my previous content to pick out the most engaged one and make it a basis.

Or maybe have a totally new set of content so that it is really fresh. But that will bear more risk as its lack of familiarity towards the current audience.

Or maybe the current audience crave for new fresh content by #notabisnes. I do not know much.

All in all, need to come out with a list of content, a total of 12 episodes with 9 to 15 minutes duration. 12 episode will be a good number for 1 season. The recording will be only in a day and release 12 episode altogether.

This to reflect the 'Netflix Binge Watching' culture. People may like to listen to all the podcast in one sitting to capture its value, and re-listening to it again in commutes as they already familiar the value.

Which bring the CTA: 1) Replay again next time! 2) Subscribe at notabisnes.net/center !

Notabisnes.net center will list down all available channel, its frequency, topic coverage and how to subscribe.

This will ensure we capture the customer database to be used later. The best part is we can track facebook user that visit the /center to retarget later when we have something to push in front of their face.

The channel was not the biggest concern, as it seems that podcast will be the same wherever channel/platform we choose. The main criterion for choosing channel then will be 1) Audience potential 2) ease of integration.

The first channel will be notabisnes.net/podcast ... that satisfy both criteria. Marketing will be done via subscription (RSS maybe?) and profile post.

Later will consider uploading the podcast to Spotify and iTunes and SoundCloud.

To summarize:

  1. Format: 9-15 minutes long, 12 episode
  2. Content: Business, Growth, Marketing
  3. CTA: 1) Replay again next time! 2) Subscribe at notabisnes.net/center
  4. Channel: notabisnes.net/podcast + Facebook post promotion

So much fun!

published at 10/07/2018 by Izwan Robotys