The Cheapest Website Package

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... that i can offer to my clients is this: RM 870.

Yep. Only RM 870.

With 8 years of experience in web development, handling various kind of project big and micro-small, as a various position (web design, backend, database, digital marketing, scale engineer, sys admin, mobile ui, you name it!), with budget ranging from millions to none (NGO client), that is basicly the cheapest you can get.

And it is not lack of punch too!

Lets see what you will get for that price:

  1. Nice looking design in whatever kind of design the client want.
  2. Properly internally linked web structure to promote SEO and ease of use
  3. Search function to make it easy for visitor to look for information
  4. 1 year small web server capable of handling small-to-medium traffic (up to million visitor a month).
  5. 1 year domain name, if necessary.

How in this world can the price be so low? Well, this are the catches:

  1. No content and copywriting provided. Do it yourself or hire proper copywriter
  2. No photo session or photo editing also graphic design. Hire proper designer for that. Or just D.I.Y. according to standard web design specs. I'll give it to you
  3. Utilizing Web Design templates that can be bought cheaply and easily nowadays. I like themeforest! Ehem: client buy it, not me.
  4. Plain html website OR --->
  5. Wordpress based 'blog/portfolio/catalog' kind of website. No fancy plugins and functionality.
  7. Limited pages, up to 5 'pages'. No worry, that is more than enough actually.

And now we can see why.

This package in a nutshell working on one simple principle:

Only Pay Me To Do Codes

Not to tinker with design.

Not to think the best graphics for the content write 3000 words for the content.

Not to handle photo session and post production for the content (again).

Not to give my codes to third grade system admin that will break the codes (and they blame my codes, not their incompetence).

It seems that there are so many limitation on what this package can do. But wait.

Lets look what is it good for --->

Essentially, this kind of package is perfect for three type of website:

  1. For Online Presence (Company & individual). The first thing people do to verify you nowadays is by looking for you online. Take control of your online presence. Have a representative website.

  2. For Sales Catalog. If you are selling something, might as well have it listed on your own branded website. It will increase your credibility and easier to close a sales. If you are selling service, this can easily modified to be Work Portfolio. It helps prospects decide are your kind of work really suites their needs.

  3. And lastly: For Validation Purposes. The best way to gauge if you can sell something or not is by having an online page for the stuff and drive traffic to it. If people try to order rabidly, then that product/service is a winner! No need to buy stocks or have a shop to validate something.

That is the power of simple & cheap website!

ps: Email me ( if you like to discuss further.

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