About Robotys

Just some small details about me to warm things up.

Call me Robotys, as thats my nick name from primary school. Long story with multiple version of it. I'll tell you when we meet.

Programmer officially since 2008 specifically in web application. Developing web sites of all sorts. Consider myself as fullstack developer. Can do pretty abstract stuff like Web Design and Multimedia all the way down to coding front-end (HTML5/CSS3/JS) and back-end (PHP7) with or without framework (Jquery/CodeIgniter/Laravel).

Currently employed as Senior IT Developer (Web App) at Xentral Methods Sdn Bhd. Managing web assets in form of digital book ecosystem for Malaysia and SEA region. Since 2013, which make it already 4 years!

Career Update (2020-02-08): Still Sr IT Developer but now at MyParcel Asia Sdn Bhd. We are aggregator for local courier provider parcel shipment services within Malaysia and also international. Right now main jobscope encompassing product management, web development, and lead tech for special project with national courier. Start from April 2018 until now.

With that many years under my belt and various scale of project, I also take outside job mainly on consultation and also hands on for selected projects. Usually to help friends and friends of friends on their website needs.

If you like to have a coffee with me on the topics, just PM my facebook. We can arrange a meeting if necessary.

Other than that, i enjoy good books mainly around business topics. Second to that is i like to do marketing experiments and share about it at my personal facebook profile. Its written in Bahasa Melayu mind you. If you like to read about technical and strategic business stuff IN BAHASA MELAYU, then you may enjoy my writing there.

Loosely based in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. 'Loosely' because i move around 'Greater KL' such as Klang and Seremban and i move alot. Just can't keep my footing down for a long period of time.

This blog is my effort to get back writing in english as i can sense it is withering and getting rusty. So, do advice and help me on it.

Oh, don't let me start on 'speaking' in english. Need so much work there!

Thank you!

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