Web Design Elements

After the customer has approve the budget and give the deposit we need to start on the web design. What is exactly that we need to have to consider it as DONE? Read more
published at 23/05/2018 by Izwan Robotys

Web Development Complete Flow

A humbling experience of a developer on the value of other experts in a complete web development project flow.
published at 02/04/2018 by Izwan Robotys

The Cheapest Website Package

How cheap can you go to have a profesional looking website that does not scream 'its cheap'? Apparently a little bit less than RM 900! And the package details is not shabby too ---->
published at 30/11/2017 by Izwan Robotys

Can You Do That?

Client asked you this, and your answer will make the project impossible to be delivered. This is the biggest trap that easily explode project deadline. This pinnacle of miss-communication that can ever happen, will happen when you respons to this question. Learn to answer it properly.
published at 12/10/2017 by Izwan Robotys

Website Price Factor

Have you been so stressed on determining what is the good price range of website project? Either as developer or clients, here i share what is the factor that determine the cost and risk of any web project.
published at 02/10/2017 by Izwan Robotys

About Robotys

Programmer officially since 2008 specifically in web application. Developing web sites of all sorts. Consider myself as fullstack developer. Can do pretty abstract stuff like Web Design and Multimedia all the way down to coding front-end (HTML5/CSS3/JS) and back-end (PHP7) with or without framework (Jquery/CodeIgniter/Laravel).
published at 29/09/2017 by Izwan Robotys