Project Management Tools Chronicles

Young PM trying to at least choose a pm tools that makes sense. The result unthinkable ---->
published at 07/10/2020 by Izwan Robotys

DIY Wordpress in DigitalOcean

For a dev who hates to manage wordpress, somehow someway it will come back and bite you. So this is my checklist after successfully installed Wordpress to my liking in a new instance of DigitalOcean.
published at 23/07/2019 by Izwan Robotys

Use Different SSH key For Specific Git Repo

There are an easy solution to use different ssh key for different git repo. We can just specify in the git config which key file we want it to use for the current git repo we are in.
published at 30/04/2019 by Izwan Robotys

Welcome to Storm

A blog engine that is really integrated to developer workflow: `Write in Text Editor -> Git Commit -> Git Push.`
published at 02/12/2018 by Izwan Robotys

The Cheapest Website Package

How cheap can you go to have a profesional looking website that does not scream 'its cheap'? Apparently a little bit less than RM 900! And the package details is not shabby too ---->
published at 30/11/2017 by Izwan Robotys

About Robotys

Programmer officially since 2008 specifically in web application. Developing web sites of all sorts. Consider myself as fullstack developer. Can do pretty abstract stuff like Web Design and Multimedia all the way down to coding front-end (HTML5/CSS3/JS) and back-end (PHP7) with or without framework (Jquery/CodeIgniter/Laravel).
published at 29/09/2017 by Izwan Robotys