Podcast I Like For Myself

Podcast Time!

Its been a while that I've planned to have my own podcast for #notabisnes. Already have some design for it and already discussed with Bukhari Rami for it.

I do not know why it does not start yet. Blame the cosmic karma maybe.

Thus, here just some of the notes to make sure when I revisit this podcast idea again I have everything figured out and can start doing it immediately.

The podcast plan has parts that needed to be laid down first as its foundation. The parts are:

  1. Format
  2. Content
  3. Call to action
  4. Channel

Most of the format that we can see people choose for their podcast was interviews. This is good as interviews will bring external audience and new content to the podcast. This will grow audience based and also keep the content fresh.

So far, I like HBR Ideacast and Neil Patel Marketing Podcast format of interviews. Even if no interview, we can still make it works as long as the content is interesting and structured for bite-sized consumption.

Neil Patel podcast is around 7-9 minutes long. HBR is around 20 minutes long. That would be the range then.

Next is content. As the podcast is about #notabisnes, then the content will be about business too. Will revisit all my previous content to pick out the most engaged one and make it a basis.

Or maybe have a totally new set of content so that it is really fresh. But that will bear more risk as its lack of familiarity towards the current audience.

Or maybe the current audience crave for new fresh content by #notabisnes. I do not know much.

All in all, need to come out with a list of content, a total of 12 episodes with 9 to 15 minutes duration. 12 episode will be a good number for 1 season. The recording will be only in a day and release 12 episode altogether.

This to reflect the 'Netflix Binge Watching' culture. People may like to listen to all the podcast in one sitting to capture its value, and re-listening to it again in commutes as they already familiar the value.

Which bring the CTA: 1) Replay again next time! 2) Subscribe at notabisnes.net/center !

Notabisnes.net center will list down all available channel, its frequency, topic coverage and how to subscribe.

This will ensure we capture the customer database to be used later. The best part is we can track facebook user that visit the /center to retarget later when we have something to push in front of their face.

The channel was not the biggest concern, as it seems that podcast will be the same wherever channel/platform we choose. The main criterion for choosing channel then will be 1) Audience potential 2) ease of integration.

The first channel will be notabisnes.net/podcast ... that satisfy both criteria. Marketing will be done via subscription (RSS maybe?) and profile post.

Later will consider uploading the podcast to Spotify and iTunes and SoundCloud.

To summarize:

  1. Format: 9-15 minutes long, 12 episode
  2. Content: Business, Growth, Marketing
  3. CTA: 1) Replay again next time! 2) Subscribe at notabisnes.net/center
  4. Channel: notabisnes.net/podcast + Facebook post promotion

So much fun!

published at 10/07/2018 by Izwan Robotys

MVP Most Important Lesson

The Reality Of MVP

... Is that it is not about creating something.

It is not about your product.

It is ultimately about your market. Or to be more specific: Market Feedback.

The result of an MVP is not a product, but a lesson.

Said lesson was derived from feedback.

Thus, make MVP to learn from feedback.

Not to fulfill your scope. Or features. Or 'This Sure Gonna Sells' idea.

MVP is nothing without feedback.

Feedback is nothing if you cannot learn from it.

published at 05/12/2017 by Izwan Robotys

The Cheapest Website Package

Robotys Cheap Website Sources

... that i can offer to my clients is this: RM 870.

Yep. Only RM 870.

With 8 years of experience in web development, handling various kind of project big and micro-small, as a various position (web design, backend, database, digital marketing, scale engineer, sys admin, mobile ui, you name it!), with budget ranging from millions to none (NGO client), that is basicly the cheapest you can get.

And it is not lack of punch too!

Lets see what you will get for that price:

  1. Nice looking design in whatever kind of design the client want.
  2. Properly internally linked web structure to promote SEO and ease of use
  3. Search function to make it easy for visitor to look for information
  4. 1 year small web server capable of handling small-to-medium traffic (up to million visitor a month).
  5. 1 year domain name, if necessary.

How in this world can the price be so low? Well, this are the catches:

  1. No content and copywriting provided. Do it yourself or hire proper copywriter
  2. No photo session or photo editing also graphic design. Hire proper designer for that. Or just D.I.Y. according to standard web design specs. I'll give it to you
  3. Utilizing Web Design templates that can be bought cheaply and easily nowadays. I like themeforest! Ehem: client buy it, not me.
  4. Plain html website OR --->
  5. Wordpress based 'blog/portfolio/catalog' kind of website. No fancy plugins and functionality.
  7. Limited pages, up to 5 'pages'. No worry, that is more than enough actually.

And now we can see why.

This package in a nutshell working on one simple principle:

Only Pay Me To Do Codes

Not to tinker with design.

Not to think the best graphics for the content write 3000 words for the content.

Not to handle photo session and post production for the content (again).

Not to give my codes to third grade system admin that will break the codes (and they blame my codes, not their incompetence).

It seems that there are so many limitation on what this package can do. But wait.

Lets look what is it good for --->

Essentially, this kind of package is perfect for three type of website:

  1. For Online Presence (Company & individual). The first thing people do to verify you nowadays is by looking for you online. Take control of your online presence. Have a representative website.

  2. For Sales Catalog. If you are selling something, might as well have it listed on your own branded website. It will increase your credibility and easier to close a sales. If you are selling service, this can easily modified to be Work Portfolio. It helps prospects decide are your kind of work really suites their needs.

  3. And lastly: For Validation Purposes. The best way to gauge if you can sell something or not is by having an online page for the stuff and drive traffic to it. If people try to order rabidly, then that product/service is a winner! No need to buy stocks or have a shop to validate something.

That is the power of simple & cheap website!

ps: Email me (robotys@gmail.com) if you like to discuss further.

published at 30/11/2017 by Izwan Robotys

Can You Do That?

Cute Girl Asking You To Do Things

Just small tips: if client ask you (the programmer, or project manager) this seemingly harmless question of "Can you do that?", you are basically one step away from deadly trap of workload explosion.


Because that question is the pinnacle of miss-communication in any website development projects.

The client is NOT asking if you can code the solution. He is not questioning your ability and skill to develop said features.

The question asked is not completed. The complete phrase is:

Can you deliver this within the same deadline perfectly as i imagine?

Yep, that is the real question that they ask you.

Thus, DO NOT simply reply to the asked question, but rather reply to the complete phrase above.

This make you realize that most of what they asked CAN NOT be done. Not only because that additional features is out of the budget, but also new task will need additional time.

New features = new deadline.

That is inevitable.

You the programmer will not feel bad to say no, as your ego will not be injured because the reason you say no was not your inability to solve said bugs or to develop said features, but the deadline to do so is unreasonable.

Client always have lack of understanding on how many time it needed to really deliver what they imagine.

That, plus their lack of effort in communicating what they imagine in the first place.

How many of us has heard the satanic phrase of "I'll know what i want when i see it."

That is the screaming red flag that the client is worth to do everything you can to move away from them.

May peace be with you.

published at 12/10/2017 by Izwan Robotys

About Robotys

Just some small details about me to warm things up.

Call me Robotys, as thats my nick name from primary school. Long story with multiple version of it. I'll tell you when we meet.

Programmer officially since 2008 specifically in web application. Developing web sites of all sorts. Consider myself as fullstack developer. Can do pretty abstract stuff like Web Design and Multimedia all the way down to coding front-end (HTML5/CSS3/JS) and back-end (PHP7) with or without framework (Jquery/CodeIgniter/Laravel).

Currently employed as Senior IT Developer (Web App) at Xentral Methods Sdn Bhd. Managing web assets in form of digital book ecosystem for Malaysia and SEA region. Since 2013, which make it already 4 years!

With that many years under my belt and various scale of project, I also take outside job mainly on consultation and also hands on for selected projects. Usually to help friends and friends of friends on their website needs.

If you like to have a coffee with me on the topics, just PM my facebook. We can arrange a meeting if necessary.

Other than that, i enjoy good books mainly around business topics. Second to that is i like to do marketing experiments and share about it at my personal facebook profile. Its written in Bahasa Melayu mind you. If you like to read about technical and strategic business stuff IN BAHASA MELAYU, then you may enjoy my writing there.

Loosely based in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. 'Loosely' because i move around 'Greater KL' such as Klang and Seremban and i move alot. Just can't keep my footing down for a long period of time.

This blog is my effort to get back writing in english as i can sense it is withering and getting rusty. So, do advice and help me on it.

Oh, don't let me start on 'speaking' in english. Need so much work there!

Thank you!

published at 29/09/2017 by Izwan Robotys